SEAT Global Magazine is about bringing together and sharing best practice, news & comment from some of sports leading technology practitioners.

Through a strategic relationship between SEAT & FC Business Magazine, published quarterly in digital format, SEAT Global Magazine will give sports clubs and technology service providers the chance to share their experiences and expertise with a highly engaged audience.

Next Issue To Be Released November 1, 2016.

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Total SEAT Global Magazine Current Reach/ Market Distribution = 11,278

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Strategic Media Partners are the life-blood

of SEAT Global Magazine

We value our media partners as FC Business & SportTechie to bring knowledge, depth & insight to the SEAT Community

Neil Rowe

Neil Rowe

Head of Partnerships at FC Business Magazine

“Working with Christine and the team during the production of SEAT Global Magazine has been creative, informative and above all else fun,” said Neil Rowe, Head of Partnerships at fcbusiness, SEAT’s official media partner.

“Christine’s standing and reputation is huge and has opened up access to key figures within the industry willing to share their stories and case studies for the good of the sports technology industry. This has all been driven by the reputation SEAT Conference has built over the last 10 years.”

Aaron Gourley

Aaron Gourley

SEAT Global Magazine and fcbusiness Editor

“SEAT holds a unique position in the conference calendar. Content is driven by a committee of executives that are gathered from all aspects of technology business and a diverse range of sports across the globe.

This diversity of thought and leadership is what we hope to capture in SEAT Global Magazine for the benefit of everyone involved in this exciting and ever expanding industry.”

Taylor Bloom

Taylor Bloom

President & CEO, SportTechie

“I am thrilled to have SportTechie contributing sports technology insights and news to the SEAT Global Magazine in partnership with FC Business.

SEAT and FC Business are two established and trusted groups and with the three of us working together it will create a very valuable resource for the global sports industry.”

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